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October 31, 2008


Amy @ parkcitygirl

They are just too cute! Love your work - I would totally reserve the couture for yourself next year :)


Those are fantastic!
Well done.


Miss Mermaid is perfect. She can do couture anytime.

Love how you have waves hiding her feet and the darling shawl.

But Yes, Next year you've got to do an outfit for yourself.


It's gorgeous! What a lucky little mermaid.

What did you make the shawl out of?


Wow! that is an amazing costume.


Wow those are amazing costumes. They look so cute in them!


Oh so wonderful! You did such an amazing job on the costumes. Have a great day!

Doris at Threads of Conversation

Oh, Jess, I'm jealous of her too! And I don't think it's "too" much for a four year old, she's going to have awesome memories of her Mom and Halloween.


I just love how creative you are! Wonderful work, both costumes are amazing. Any chance of a tutorial on the mermaid tail as I have a 5 year old who is begging me for one; )


Adorable!!! I just love that furry monster costume too - looks like he stepped out of a Sandra Boynton board book!


Great job, Mama! :D

Rachael M.

No kidding - Her Ariel outfit is better than the girl who is on Broadway in the show right now (We watched it on the Today Show this morning). And when I showed the outfit to my husband, that was the first thing he said. So if a MAN notices that type of quality, you know it's good.



That bellybutton looks entirely too real!

katie r

They turned out soo wonderful! :) What cuties! Great job.


After Halloween these costumes will get endless wear I'm sure - I know that I would have spent hours dressed as a mermaid if I had a costume like that. Maybe, just before the kids get bored of them, you could put them away so that their children can play with them? These are the kind of memories you love to have when you are old and getting nostalgic for your youth!!

And you should definitely have a costume party - but why wait til next year? Throw one for the heck of it.

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