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I have two kids (Aurora is 5 1/2 and Theo is 2 1/2) and they take much of my time. When I squeeze in "mommy time" it all about crafting and design. I've been quilting over 15 years (ugh, I'm dating myself...) and love all manner of sewing including costuming. I'm always working on projects around our house and others'. I have experience as a wedding planner/designer and love event planning as well.

For fun here are 30 random bits about me...some significant, some silly:
1. I love my kids.
2. I love my husband.
3. I love CAKE.
4. Especially the kind made from a box.
5. I sewed my first quilt when I was 14.
6. It was hideous.
7. I dream in black and white,
8. I stay up late.
9. I LOVE sleep and therefore
10. I HATE mornings.
11. I have a degree in electrical engineering and computer science.
12. I love bread
13. and cheese.
14. I would eat them every day and often do.
15. I gave birth to both my children at home.
16. I met my husband ballroom dancing.
17. I’m messy.
18. I wish I wasn’t
19. But it feels like a nest to me.
20. I grew up on cape cod.
21. I believe in fairies.
22. I’m the oldest child
23. And can be bossy
24. But I’m shy when I first meet people.
25. I like to do things all at once – I’d rather clean for a whole day, than clean for 15 minutes a day for a month.
26. Growing up I wished my name was Sonya.
27. I draw and write almost exclusively in pen.
28. I love musicals.
29. I believe in instant gratification
30. Yet I procrastinate.


travel, design, home decorating, costuming, parenting, sewing, baking, quilting, event design, ballroom and latin dance, and making pretty stuff