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September 25, 2012



I must admit I like your "planned improv" the best. And I will never "abandon" you! You are one of the first bloggers I started following three plus years ago, and I will always love you no matter how often or what you blog about :-)
Your kids are adorable, too, even though I'm not their grandma!


The author must be very deeply loves the life. she can from life inspired to make such a creative gadgets


J'm with Jodi - The planned improv block is the best and the improv challenge blocks look more coordinated and appealing than the class blocks which were all done with the same fabrics.

It's always hard for me to do those random-just-use-the-next-thing-you-grab exercises, so I had to laugh at your planned improv.

Darling kids - hope they have a great school year!


Fab, colours in the improv pieces. They look great. I am the other way round to you - work on impulse and constantly make a personal note to myself to plan better the next time:)

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