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June 29, 2012



The fabrics are great for this project. It really makes me smile too :)

Steph VW

Those are adorable! I think my husband and I have bought paper towels once or twice in the 11 years that we have lived in our house. People have strange reactions to us not using them ("But what do you do when you spill something on the floor?" - "Wipe it up with a dishcloth and toss the cloth in the wash!"), but it has saved us lots of $ over the years. We keep a stash of baby facecloths in the kitchen for my son's post-lunch cleanup... but I'm thinking some cute cloth napkins might be in order after seeing these! Love the Hello Kitty fabric. :)


I'm addicted to paper towel and can't sew a button on but I love these--so cute and practical. You probably wonder how a non crafty person like me showed up on your blog...it's my way of dreaming and setting goals for my next life!!



This is what I need to do! I'm always running out of cloth towels and then we go through paper towels like crazy before I can get them washed again. Thanks for sharing!


I gave up buying paper towels years ago. The un-paper towels are adorable.

kids flip flops

This un-paper towels is another great project. There's a lot of design to be chosen and those are all creative. Kid's will love it too.


I have daydreamed of being able to switch to the un-paper towel...I love the little snaps so they go on a roll, but it would be more work than I need. LOL

Maybe if I make one a month starting now, I'll have enough in a couple of years to make do!


I've spotted this project around and been meaning to do it for ages! I love your take on it, the fabrics are perefect!

Harry Skinner

The towels are looking very adorable specially their prints which are very colorful and attractive. Mostly design are relates to vegetables and fruits so that they are specially design for the kitchen area or for the dinning tables. One thing must be important that usually people are not comfortable with paper towels but after this techniques, people`ll like to use them. The use of such paper towels are not regularly but can be done on occasionally.

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wow, glad to be here, and thank u for your sharing!


Love this, and the perfect excuse to use some kitchen-y prints I had to have, as well as to practice my serger skills.

converse all star

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Best man Toast

It may look colorful style but i think it is comfortable to use.. :D

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i use paper towels regularly. both effective and inexpensive. however ideas you gave here just wonderful.

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