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March 07, 2012



Im so sorry for you and I understand your feelings;
xxx alessandra

Fleur Cotton

Horrible feeling!

The only consolation is that it's a very poor copy, and your original looks so much better.

It unfortunately is the price you pay for sharing your work, but don't be put off as the genuine crafters out there really do appreciate you posting free patterns and wouldn't dream of trying to pass them off as their own design.

Happy stitching
Fleur xx


We've been through this a lot with our cloth diaper patterns. Even if they are purchased, copyrighted patterns, you have zero recourse. Our laws don't do anything to prohibit people or companies sewing (or glueing) and selling, even on the mass market.

After spending too much money trying to solve the problem, we just allow people to sew and sell and ask that they at least give us credit, but we can't require that either.


Ok, so how much did she pay? Mine (using your pattern) are priceless. :)

It is flattering I suppose...right?


This is supposed to mean you've "made it," right? (Although I'm sure that does not make it less infuriating!) I'm with Fleur - yours is much cuter. ;-)

Just a suggestion...

You might want to look at this since you're complaining....



I know it isn't a great feeling, or maybe it is if you take it as a compliment? :) However, a pattern, free or otherwise, is meant to be used to make something. It is, therefore, legal to sell that "something" despite the general belief that the pattern maker must give permission first. Permission is not necessary. If they were selling your pattern, that would be illegal, but selling the item they make from the pattern is legal. Sorry to break the news...



I'm the lady who bought the "Made in China" version here in the Netherlands. If I remember correctly it must've been around 5 euros (6,27 dollars). It was only after we bought it that I realised I had seen the same owl somewhere (on Pinterest).

I wouldn't mind paying that 6 dollars to Jessica though. It´s a pity someone caught up on it and made profit unfairly on it.

It's too easy to "rip" these days, and digital artists know all about it, as there is a lot of artwork floating around and even being sold after someone wiped out the original watermark. :<


I truly appreciate this post. I've been looking everywhere for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You've made my day! Thanks again!


You are so right but it is the most popular owl design on the web
I hope it doesn't make you stop publishing your fantastic crafts
Don't get disappointed
Greetings from sunny hot Greece

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