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November 09, 2011


Tina in Boston

What lucky little children! I think I've already told you you are the best mommy ever! I'm almost wanting to be adopted! :)

Jen Richards

OK, I so rarely actually do comments on blogs, because I usually get a horrible error mssg on my computer, but just had to write when I saw your amazing costumes! Wow! You did such a great job! The owl is just amazing! And even more so, because I have some tiny inkling of how much work must have gone into it! And teh screaming book is genius! Such lucky kids!!!

Jenna / liveformemories

These are AMAZING!!!
My mum always made the BEST Halloween costumes for us, heck... I still get her to help now sometimes! Her costumes for us are some of my favourite things from growing up.
I'm sure Errol & Hermione will feel the same ;)


SO great!!! Fantastic job on these. Esp that owl. DAMN!!!


these are the best costumes I've seen in a LONG time. the detail, thought, and effort you put into the Errol costume was well worth it--it's amazing! I'm so glad your little guy Theo was able to wear it a couple of times. And Aurora, what a sweet smile--she's a perfect young wizard-dess!


Amazing costumes. Love both Errol and Hermione.


When I saw that you fray checked the edges of all those feathers, I thot..."Well, these are definitely the costumes of the year on the blogs."

I can envision your grandchildren and great grandchildren in these! Even for YOU, these are really something.


Both costumes are absolutely fantastic! And the book was pure genius.

Tabitha O.

I love those costumes, fantastic job all around....and I keep going back to 'you fray checked all those feathers' lol lol


best Halloween costumes of the year. What a wonderful job and look at the thrilled look on there faces.

Stephanie Soebbing

You really outdid yourself on that owl costume.

Amy C

Super cute costumes. Your kids are adorable. Nice job Mom!

Andrew J

OMG, these the cutest ever! That owl is BRILLIANT!


Oh, my gosh, this post makes me SOOOOOO happy!!!! And that photo of the back of the sweet little owl might be one of my all-time favorite photos! Adorable costumes, adorable kids!!


Well, and I thought I was just little miss Mommy of the year for making my daughter's "Cindabrella" costume using the pattern and everything. LOL (She was a doll baby, though. I did a whole photo shoot of her "losing" her glass slipper...<3)

You never. ever. cease to amaze me. Or make me feel like I should just stop trying because I can't be that good no matter how hard I try! LOLOL

This is why you get to write a book and I get to read other people's books. LOL

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