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June 09, 2011


Pat V.

Thank you for sharing your lovely photos from Quilt Market. I saw some quilts and fabrics that I hadn't seen on anyone else's blog!

My hubby and I are thinking of taking a boat trip on Hood Canal (if it ever stops raining for more than one or two days at a time!)


Not sure where you're from, but the Pacific Northwest is awesome. :)


Guatemala is beautiful. I highly recommend Antigua Guatemala


Vancouver Island and the Okanagan Valley are beautiful, especially in the spring and summer. The Rocky Mountains (Banff and Jasper) are majestic and there's a big blue sky over the prairies. You might want to come to Canada :))

Toni Neilson

Thanks for the picture I can never get enough of Quilt Market Pictures.

Come to New Zealand, we are a fabulous country beaches, snow, glaciers, bushes, art oh I could just go on and on, its worth a look!

Peach Rainbow

Thanks for the eye candy & the giveaway!

Why don't you visit Sri Lanka :D

Claire - Matching Pegs

Your quilt market photos are lovely - there were quite a few things I had not seen elsewhere.

I would have to be patriotic, and say "Come to Australia". Our country is almost as big as the States,with all types of terrain and climate to explore.


It's never too late to show us pics of Quilt Market. It was nice to see a few different booths.

I think you should come to New Zealand, it's lovely here.


I don't mind seeing more pictures of Quilt Market. They are all so colourful and inspirational.
As a holiday destination I would love to recommend Norway. I have yet to find an ugly corner in this beautiful country. On top of that the people there are all incredibly warm and friendly.

jodi meenan

For a relaxing vacation, not all hustle and bustle, try Block Island, Rhode Island. Gorgeous little island off the coast of RI.


Alaska. Loved seeing a small portion of it on a cruise and would love to return for a more in depth look-see.


ohhh! look at that, summersault, havent seen that in any blog post covering market. and isnt zen chic something else! vacation...we just spent a few days at the Columbus, OH zoo and water park. our kids were in heaven!

Andrew J

Great recap post, Jessica! Giveaway item #2 looks awesome! I'd love to have a Kona color card.

As far as destinations go, I highly recommend a trip to Japan - either Tokyo only (you can easily spend 2 whole weeks just exploring Tokyo) or a country-wide sight seeing trip. I used to live there and I guarantee that there is something to see/do to meet everyone's tastes.

Similarly, I found Barcelona to be a fantastic city to visit. If you are into architecture, seeing all the Gaudi work is incredible and the city's vibe and food are fantastic too. Very easy to get around on their public transit too.

If you want something more local and you're into wine (or even if you aren't), then a trip up to the Finger Lakes region in NY is cheap, easy, and lots of fun - especially in the late spring. There are lots of great wineries to try and the scenery is gorgeous - very lush in the late spring and into early summer.

If you want a super laid back trip and you don't like the heat, then I suggest a trip out to the San Juan Islands off the cost of Washington (near Seattle). I spent a week in Friday Harbor and it was so relaxing with very little heat in July. It's good for outdoorsy activities like hiking and kayaking. Stopping off for a couple days in Seattle is also good fun.

Also, I would have to concur with some of the other commenters that New Zealand is gorgeous too - but if you go during their summer, make sure you buy sunscreen when you get there. Foreign sunscreen doesn't work properly with the sun down there ... seriously!

Tabitha O.

My dream trip would be Greece and Italy to see ancient civilizations...would love to see Pompeii and imagine it in all its glory!


I would love to travel to Ireland someday. That's my dream location. I hope that when my kids are grown, we can all go.

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