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September 30, 2010



Such a great idea ! I have to put it in my mind idea box for my son's birthday ! Have a great crafty day :)


Genius, as usual. I love the activity while kids are arriving, and the plywood racetrack looks like it could entertain for a long time.

Luci Gray

I am just sitting here saying to my husband you are the coolest mum in the world!! You are me times a million!! My wish is to make my kids parties this FABULOUS in the future!! Thankyou for having this blog! PS I hate fondant too!!


Jessica, I keep coming back here because you are so real. Thanks for admitting to photoshopping and crying. It makes you and your crazy birthday parties much more relatable.

AND I LOVE that car painting project! Totally going to steal it. You really are all kinds of awesome.

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What a great party you had planned for your son! I know your little boy had a lot of fun on that day. I wish I am creative like you, so I can throw a party like that.


What an incredible birthday party!! You are amazing!


As awesome as this is, aren't you afraid of setting yourself up to 'top yourself" for the following years? I mean, it's GORGEOUS, and heck, I'd have loved a birthday party like that, but I know a few friends, some games, and cake is all you really need...


I love the matchbox derby! I want my hubby to make one. . .would you care to share how you made it or post the supply list? :) I loved everything about ur party! Great job!!


I would love to know where you had the vinyl stripe and racing numbers made! Fantastic party!!

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Race car birthday parties are very popular birthday themes for boys birthday parties. But this one is awsome.

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It's really creative ideas to celebrate such parties. I like it too much. I will celebrate my daughter's party next week.

Amber S

Oh please please please make a tutorial for the race track....

Tyra Shortino

I'm glad you guys had fun racing. Everyone did a great job. I love the finish line flag! Who made it? Wish I could have joined you guys in your dinner party, LOL. I want to grab a bite of that cake!

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My kids loves painting. Actually they are responsible in the art painting in my car. I'l post the pics soon.

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