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August 15, 2010



This is so fun! I'm not a camper, but if I was this would be the way to go.

daisy janie

I am serious love with your glampsite!!! Maybe if we had camped this way when we roadtripped from PA to Portland OR for donuts last summer, I would have fonder memories!! :)

Amber Lee

I love this idea! I've done similar, but only with a tent in my backyard! Your campsite looks awesome.

Tina in Boston

Wow! What a cool campsite. I used to go camping the old-school way, but this would be much better!


Wow! This is amazing!!! I would love to camp like that!

Crafting by Candlelight


Oh my, can I go camping with you??? That is adorable! I have the same rules for camping, shower, toilet, air mattress, but I hadn't thought of the wooded campsite. I think I will add that to my list too! You put all my camping experiences to shame! (Now I must start collecting fun things for decorating the campsite. My hubby will be so pleased!)

Jenn-Lee at Moments

Wow! That looks to be way to cute to invite boys to. I say a girls Glamping retreat is on my to do list now. How much packing did that take? So cute! Thanks for sharing.


I love this, and so won't my daughter who just starting camping - right up her alley! I'll be sure to forward it to her for fun1 Thanks for the ideas.


That is the coolest thing!

Mary Carlson

It almost makes me want to go camping! I have the same rug that you have at the end of the air mattress. I love it!

karen thauer

Oh Jessica. It was so pretty. I love it. Of course I think about the fact that it would make me wild trying to keep the sand out of the b eautiful bedding. But it looks awesome for sure, and just looking at how pretty it is, is enough to make it worthwhile. Rock on girl.


This glamping made me smile. The Bohemiem look is such a play on style (you know, like play on words) ie gypsies camp as a way of life.

I so get the pack/unpack. That's why 23 yrs ago I talked my husband into buying a mountain lake cabin. It has inside plumbing in the summer, but no phone/internet We just finished adding on 2 rooms, making room for future, um children's children. Think I'll go do a post. Thanks for the inspiration


Really fantastic! Glamping has changed my mind about 'roughing it!'

bink & boo

Amazing! I don't camp, but if I did it would have to be just like this.


God bless you for camping with 3 little ones! Your style is wonderful! I'm too old for camping anymore (yea!) but that actually looks like fun!

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