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July 23, 2010



I find I use solids as backgrounds in alot of quilts, I love combining solids with prints to make the prints really pop!


i actualy havent used solids yet! but i cant wait to but {or win!} some and use them
i think solids are beautiful!!!


omg this book is SO me!
I have yet to use solids (I have only made two quilts, one for my son and one for myself using all Timber fabric) but now I can't wait to!
My sister calls me the city-girl turned quilter ;)


I use solids for sashing all the time, but apart from a block or two for quilting bees, I've not yet made one with all solids. I can see that changing in the future.


You know, I actually haven't used solids in my quilts. But for the past few months, I find the ones I'm most drawn to have a lot of solid in them... I think I need to try them out a bit!


Good questions, Jessica. Thanks for the interview. I've made quilts with all tone on tones and with hand-dyed almost solids. But, never a whole quilt with only solids. Now's the time...

Jill B

I'm new to sewing and quilting and I haven't used solids yet. I would love to win this book or the fabric!

Claire - Matching Pegs

I tend to use some solids in all my quilts - usually as sashing. I also use solids quite a bit in Applique, when getting the right colour is really important to me.

That said, I have never made a quilt in all solids. Perhaps it is time I tried.


Like Claire I use some solids in all of the quilts I make, I actually don't think I have ever made a quilt with all prints but similarly I have never made one using only solids and have been more and more inspired to do so over the course of the blog tour.

I love the interview!


Thanks for another great interview!

I’ve used solids for backgrounds and in some other quilts as an addition to printed fabrics. For some time I was the only one who bought solids at my LQS.
I recently made my solids only City Park quilt-top, pattern by Cherri! I follow her blog for some years now and I’ve watched the process of her designs. Her book is amazing and full of inspiration! I have to smile about her Barbie Pink colour choice. That’s something I never would have guessed!

Thanks for a chance to win some gorgeous solid fabrics!

Rafael's mum

Thanks for taking part in the blog tour and a great interview. I like it you have asked some different sort of question than the obvious ones and enjoyed reading the answers. I have not as yet worked with totally solids but after doing the entire tour am really inspired to use more solids and to make one of Cherri's quilts. I am definitely going to, just a question of slowly assembling... the choice of pattern, the book, the fabrics etc... and then GO! It will most definitely be on the list..


What a wonderful giveaway Jessica. Thanks for sharing :D Love cherri's quilts her work is amazing.
Is it open to international readers? If so count me in please, I would love to win
I do not have stash on solids. Only a little pieces and I made 4 placemats for my family. It would be great to have all this solid bundle to make a quilt using one of Cherri's patterns.
Fingers crossed.
Warm regards


siobhan toner

I've just finished my first quilt top with mainly solids but with a bit of Timber for an accent! I'm just piecing the back with more of the solid and offcuts from the front. I'm very pleased with the effect.

Shayla Sharp

Hmm, can't laugh at the Barbie pink--my family about fell over when I brought home some soft pink kitchen pots. Guess they got used to my preference for blues (and stainless steel pots, lol). I usually use solids to make the prints pop out or to give me a place for embroidery--before I started looking at Cherri's designs I think I only had 5 solids in a room full of fabrics. I'm going to have to remedy that now!


Sofar I haven't made any quilts with solids only, I've only mixed them with commercial patterned and selfdyed fabrics. Seeing Cherri's quilts makes to want to do one with them :)

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