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May 13, 2010



Happy anniversary! I don't think you look older at all...just dressed up in the wedding pics. If your profile pic is recent...lol

Amy Hodge

Excellent plan. That's where we went for our 10th anniversary! Congratulations on 9! (Beautiful dress!)

Tabitha O.

Oh beautiful beautiful!!...we have since completely forgotten our 5th, then our 10th and going to be our 13th this year...SIGH, guess thats what we get for being married on xmas eve lol...


Congratulations! My husband and I were busy busy busy for our 5th this spring so we'll have to plan something super awesome for our 10th. Hawaii sounds PERFECT.

Wordpress Development

Congratulations! What a blissful 9 years of marriage. Good luck to your second honeymoon.


You need to talk to my husband for me! Our 10 year is this year; although, with the new baby I doubt Hawaii is in our future. :)

Erin Reagan

Aww! Congrats! Our 5 year is this year. We won't be doing anything special since the new addition in November. :)

Lori Porten

Happy Anniversary! Your photos are beautiful!

Erin Compton

Happy Anniversary! A second honeymoon sounds divine!

My husband and I never went on a honeymoon but our preacher and his wife, who never took one either, tell us that means you can take as many honeymoons as you want over the course of your marriage. Our next is a cruise to Mexico for our five year anniversary this year!

Jessica Levitt

Thanx Jennifer.

My profile pic is only about a year old now, so not too bad. I guess we all think the wrinkles etc are more obvious than they are...



Glad to know your blog and your creations. You have some very original ideas, I've loved the birthdays of your children. Never stop creating.
kisses from Spain



Paula Prass

I am late to wish you a Happy Anniversary. Your photos are stunning and yes, Honeymoons are not a one time deal.


Gorgeous dress. Gorgeous bride.
Your wedding spot looks like a place near me. For a second I was super excited that maybe you live down the street from me but then I remembered that I already figured out you don't. Too bad.
We have #11 in a couple weeks. I suppose it's too late to plan a trip to Hawaii....

Jennifer Green

Oh my....I can't believe it has been 9 years since I attended that magnificent wedding. Time has flown. Happy Belated Anniversary!

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