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May 07, 2010



Someday I want to learn how to crochet, but I don't feel like I can add that to my to do list just yet. Maybe by the time you write a pattern for these, I'll be ready to learn!

Are you going to market to debut your new line?

Just Jenn

I hope you do write out the pattern... Some of us here crochet as well... ;^) That's going to adorable once it's all done.


Did you know you can weave in the ends as you go? You crochet the end of the last color into the next color as you go. That's a horrible explanation, but I'm sure you can find a good tutorial by doing a search.

Tabitha O.

Oh we totally care that you are working on new fun fabrics lol...blogging should be guilt free so post when you can for our inspiration!! Love the circles, I a huge fan of circles lol

Jessica Levitt

Nope, I wish I was going to market. Ive been busy with other projects (top secret...shhhh...) so Im just finishing up the collection now. It will debut in October and not be in store til next year.


Mary on Lake Pulaski

Yes, I care about your next line of fabric!! Can't wait to see what you come up with!


Hi, I'm also curious to see your next line of fabric. I happen to found your fabric yesterday while shopping in Montreal, I never thought that could happen, I was soooo excited!! Beautifull:) Keep going.

karen thauer

It's really pretty Jess. I love the color combo.


Hey! I love your posts even if you feel like you don't post as often as you'd like. You're just too creative and ambitious to post all of the time. You're a real person. Have fun with your projects and share when you can :)


Very nice! I am teaching myself to crochet and I started an afghan. I think crocheting is easy, what's impossible to understand is the patterns! Is like learning a whole other language...
How did you figure that out? What helped you?

Greetings from Costa Rica, I love your blog!


I love the colors! It looks great!



Lucy from attic 24 has some amazinf crochet tutorials and has a 'join as you go method' which you might find very useful. her blog is at;



Beautiful colors! I'm a member of Ravelry and did a quick search for patterns. This one looks similar to the start you have: http://attic24.typepad.com/weblog/2008/11/hexagon-crochet.html
Good luck!

Boracay hotel

I'm so envious I don't know to crochet. I want to learn and make some beautiful projects such as yours.
You really did a good job. I like it.



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