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March 28, 2010



You are definitely not the only one... My boyfriend got used to it but is sometimes more then just a bit confused when I speak of things that have nothing to do with the subject we were discussing. I really try hard with other people.
I guess it runs in the family because I always know what my little brother is thinking of when everybody else just thinks he is being weird. I tell myself that we are think too fast for others to understand :)


I am exactly the same, my mind jumps around and I find it hard to sleep. My other half falls asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow. A-noy-ing.


I so enjoyed this post! Wow, I totally know what you mean, but I get so overwhelmed that my mind crashes and I turn it off. Otherwise I would have moved a thousand times already, in this instance. ;). Thanks for the read and laugh


Hahaha! You're not alone. And I actually have gotten mad at my husband before b/c he wasn't following....turns out the steps were all in my head, not aloud. whoops! I do love, however, how one little thing can set big things in motion.

Tabitha O.

I think my husband has been around me too long because he is often outthinking me lately weird...


Your thought path makes total sense to me :) But then again my partner is often left scratching her head at how I get from one idea to another...


That is one GORGEOUS caravan. Oh man, the colors, the lines, the idea that it was once used for a free-spirited lifestyle (even if it's new!) and the inspiring imaginative feeling... So cool.
You're not the only one who jumps 12 subjects in 10 seconds. My honey says I "talk in circles" and if he waits a few more minutes, I'll get back to the subject we were talking about. :)
Good luck tomorrow!


Oh Jess, I love you, that is hysterical! Craig and I are reading a book called "Men are like waffles, women are like spaghetti" because men compartmentalize everything into boxes and can only be in one box at a time whereas women meander around the conversation like a spaghetti noodle winding around from one subject to the next, well exactly like you did. So now when I am spewing out my feelings to Craig and I start off talking about how he didn't do the dishes when I was gone and end up talking about our easter plans with ten other topics between in the span of a minute he just looks at me and says "your noodling". So tell Jon to follow the spaghetti trail....Your Cousin, Amanda

Sew Create It - Jane

I can't blame you..that gypsy caravan is cute..who wouldn't want a get-away like that!

We have neighbours across the road that build a pre-fab workshop..he's a woodworker. On cold frost mornings you can smell the woodsmoke from what I can only imagine is a small woodburner to keep the workshop warm. That sounds wonderful to me....

Lori Porten

I totally know how you feel, but in a slightly different way. We live in a neighborhood where the houses sit on top of each other on 1/4 acre lots. My son who just turned 9 last week is constantly getting in trouble for running through other people's yards. We aren't able to fence in our yard b/c of a huge rock on the property line. As much as we tell him to just stay in our yard, it is almost impossible for a young boy who needs space to run and move with his friends. Also, I grew up on 4 acres. We had a huge garden and every summer canning and freezing food was a family affair. I miss that. So.... we are also looking for more land to build on or an existing house for sale that has land. We have found one with lots of potential on 3 acres, but it would need lots of love. What to do, what to do... But I know what you mean.


Yes!! I totally fantasize about something similar! Combination playhouse/guest room with a bed, for sure. I've had the same "conversation" with myself, thinking playhouse....then Airstream (and yeah, why ARE they so crazy expensive) and now I'm thinking about getting one of those pre-made sheds, and then fixing it up with windows, paint, lighting and a bed.

I love your description of your husband's "Huh? What just happened?" Now...I'm going to show this post to MY husband. :)

Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Erin Compton

Oh Lordy! I know that! My husband and I when looking to buy our first house made sure that it was in a neighborhood with little or no homeowners association so we could do things like build tree houses and ropes courses without anyone getting into a huff. Now that we're in the house, the planning begins!

We still look at real estate listings though, because we got in the habit, and its fun seeing inside houses that you normally wouldn't get to explore.

Jessica Levitt

Thats what I tell myself too....my mind just works faster than everyone else. :)



I am totally cracking up at your thought process and how you went from wanting a gypsy caravan to looking for a new place to live. I do stuff like that, too, thanks to this fabulous little thing I have called ADHD. My poor husband just spends a lot of time nodding his head and saying "Oooookay."


I love how your mind works!

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