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January 21, 2010



this is the most beautiful baby room I have ever seen!!!!


We have a nautical theme in our sons room ( Léo)
and even taught he`s in to knights( Cars and trucks. spider man, space shuttle and rockets before) at the moment he never wanted to have an other deco for his room!


Wow that relaly looks straight out of a magazine catalogue! i really can't believe you hand painted the mosaic! what a huge amount of work... the whole room looks like it took a year of solid work to put together. Beautiful!


It's a beautiful room, full of handmade love. How can he not love it :-)

The mosaic border is beautiful. Lol at the amount of work you put into it! It's those "halfway through" moments - when you realise it was a big mistake time-wise, but the only way is onwards ;-)

Well worth the effort.


wow. the nursery is really incredible. especially the painted wave border. what a project!


WOW! I love this room. This nursery looks like it came out of a magazine. Amazing border, I thought it was wallpaper.


I decorated my son's room with a sailboat theme and he is turning 7 next week. He has never asked to change it even though he went through a cars phase, train phase, dinosaur phase, and currently is in a Star Wars phase. So, you are likely to get away with it for some time! You did a wonderful job. The border is "bordering" on insanity...

Scott at BlueNickelStudios

You are crazy!! You painted every tile by hand...with multiple coats!!?!??! Wow!
oh, and I Love the turtle...my mom made something similar, tho' not as nice in the 70's for my little brother..it was great for watching TV with...(back when there were only 3 channels!)
Good luck on converting Theo to Neptune's side!


this is so inspirational! its so amazing to see the care and love you have designed this room with!

Lori Porten

This is so beautiful and creative! I LOVE the turtle! Thanks for mentioning the source for the pattern. The transformation from the old room is amazing! You can tell that you put LOTS of love into this room and I'm sure he loves it!


Oh, Jess, that is truly beautiful. And I think a truck and car theme could definitely be incorporated in with waves. It has to. How could it ever get painted over?!?

Is the canvas over the bookcase printed fabric?

Stephanie Soebbing

I LOVE the turtle.

Carmelina Lounsbury

great job...vibrant colour scheme...from one sewing lover to another....you're great!


You are crazy amazing. That is the kind of room movie stars hire out for their kids! And while my daughter's room is nowhere near as amazing as this, you really lit a fire under me to take some photos of it. She might like to see what it was like one day, and I'm sure we'll change it a bit before she's really old enough to remember it!

Julie @CalleLillyCafe

GORGEOUS & love the colors!

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