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August 18, 2009



They're great photos! You look wonderful. I think I like the last one of you best. Something about your expression.

And I know what you mean about liking to see pictures of bloggers on their sites. It really does give you more of a sense of who they are.


Love it! We also have hardly any family pictures...thanks for the kick in the pants. :)


She got some really great shots! Cloudy days are great for photos because everyone isn't squinting.

Love the red shoes!


Oh Jess, these pictures are so fun! My favorite is the rock band cover photo, and the one where you're less serious. You two make a great looking couple!

Tabitha O.

Oh I absolutely love those pictures what a good idea...now to get hub to agree he so loves pictures of himself..

Amy - parkcitygirl

Great photos! I love seeing you :)

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Those are wonderful - thanks for sharing.


loving the red shoes!


Those are wonderful portraits. It is definitely important to get good photos of yourself, too. There needs to be something pretty to look back on, not just the odd snapshot while you are doing something else and it looks like you have 3 chins when you really don't.


Great pics. It really is nice to see other bloggers. However after seeing you in all your gorgeousness and Katy (gingermonkey) I'm feeling very frumpy. Maybe I should get a haircut.

Paper Dolls for Boys

Great photos of you together! Didn't you used to have blonde hair or did I imagine that?


I love your pics! You're so right, once kids arrive you never have another photo taken with your beloved without the little people.... what's that all about. Anyway, good on, yours look great. :) Adele


Wonderful photos - no. 4 is a great shot of you, and no.3 is a lovely shot of you and your husband.

Well done you and your friend :-)


Thanks for showing us your lovely face . .I feel as though I do know you better - nice to have a face to go with the lovely creations and words!


Thanks for sharing those pics - you both look great! I love it when bloggers put up pics of themselves - nice to see a face behind the words!

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