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August 11, 2009



I'm so sorry for your loss. Hopefully she lived a long, full and happy life.

Happy Birthday to your two year old! My youngest just turned two on the 2nd. It goes by sooo fast.

What a beautiful fabric line. Great names. Congrats!


i love it, i love it, i love it!
Sorry about your Grandma, I hope life starts to settle down for you.
and again- i love the fabric and can't wait to find a use for it :)


They are just gorgeous!! Really love the berry colourway, but I should make myself get the breeze, so I finally make something in blue.

Happy turning 2 birthday for your wee Theo! My wee boy will be 3 on Sunday.


Such beautiful designs Jessica. Congratulations. A wonderful achievement. I just hope they make it to Australia!

Andrea   @ The Train To Crazy

The designs are beautiful! I guess now I have another excuse to take a trip to The Cape!


Oh my! I am swooning over the ginko and dogwood prints right now. Very well done. I love them! Congrats to you!


it is really beautiful fabric!

Tabitha O.

Happy 2nd Birthday! Very lovely prints...they look fantastic!


Wow, Jessica, these designs and colorways are so beautiful! I love each and every print, and I can't decide which color I like the most. I love them all. Congratulations on finally being able to show these off! Can't wait to make patchwork with them.


Love the Arts & Crafts influence here...and that Breeze colorway is to die for.

So sorry to hear about your Grandmother's passing, Jess.

Restup, girlfriend!


Wow! I love all of them but especially the clay grouping...love the green! So sorry to hear about your Grandma...it's nice that something good (seeing family) can always come out of something hard. Happy Birthday to your son as well. My son turns 8 today! So fun!


I love the fabrics...so glad to hear that Fabritopia will carry it too!

Paper Dolls for Boys

Ok, I've been a bad blog friend. With my move and all, I've been in a kind of selfish place. So today when I decided to catch up, I said to myself, "Lets see what basement she's transformed, crazy good outfit she's sewn or party she's planned and LOOK. Just LOOK at your AMAZING fabric line. SO so so so good. Seriously. I am swooning over the Pear in Breeze and Clay and I really love that bottom floral design - it's amazing. I am already thinking what to do with these amazing fabrics.

So excited for you for doing this but even more so for doing it WELL!


I Love Tumbleweeds! Can't wait to see the fabric in person.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Even more amazing now that you were able to display all of the line!!! It is so beautiful and peaceful.

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