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June 28, 2009



Well now i wish i lived in NJ! That would be so much fun... i love the crocheting... do you have any tips for weaving in ends? i made a blanket and it is completely falling apart!

Carolyn Brzezicki

Good grief, is there nothing you can't do? he he


Oooh, I love those colors together. That scarf is gorgeous! I think I may need to learn to crochet....


How did you pick up crochet? Did you find a good source for tuts? I'm haiving a hard time, becasue I'm so use to the knitting. I love your colors!

Tabitha O.

You just had to tease with your class--no sympathy for those of us here in the desert lol...great crocheting....you need to make one of those 70s dresses out of yarn that some of us kids were unfortunately dressed in, although I have seen some fantastic updates to these lately...


Well, at least you are prepared for November. Or mid-October if the weather in NJ is anything like it is here in Iowa...


In my humble opinion, crocheting and knitting are always in season, and little projects like hats and scarves and socks are just the ticket. Your work looks just lovely, btw! Beautiful scarf...


this just means you will be ready when the first sign of a cold snap comes around.

Thalia in Jamaica

Love your blog (have it bookmarked)
Jealous of your camping (factor? busy schedule)
Inspired by your crafting (little ability)
Wish I lived nearer to your workshop (Kingston, Jamaica is home)

Keep doing what you do!!!


Your crocheting is divine. I knit profusely, but haven't tried the crochet yet. Great job!


I would love to come, but considering California is about as far away from New Jersey as it gets, I probably won't. . .darn! It would be so fun to get together with my favorite bloggy friends!


I made that scarf for me last year - I love it and wear it all the time! Well, not now. But when it's cold I do.


I always want to cast on for shawls and such when it's a hundred degrees out. I'm making a blanket right now. In January I'll be casting on for cotton sweaters- I'm all off!!


Thanks for the link to that hat pattern! I've made some but just the try-it-and-take-it-out method until I would get it to work. Sometimes a pattern makes life easier....

You make me want to start crocheting in the heat of summer too!

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