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June 16, 2009



So how is skein pronounced? I've always said 'SKAY-nnn', but I've mispronounced a LOT of things over the years...


I didn't comment on the last post because I didn't want you to think I was in it just for the giveaway. I think I've been reading, commenting (and lurking) since the beginning and I love seeing your progression and projects. I can't wait to hear more about the process of your fabric line.


I wish I had a fabric store like that one nearby - the one I've gone to for 13 years just folded and there's nothing else like it unless I go into Boston.
Anyway - did you see smosch's blog lately? She sold her granny square afghan for $990.00 (USD) How's that for inspiration!


Ahhh, the yarn store. I've been known to lose long periods of time in those places and walk out with a bag full of yarn that I hardly remember buying. Same thing with fabric stores. You chose some beautiful yarns and fabrics - fun!


Pennington Quilt and the Woolly Lamb...a deadly combination for my wallet ;)


I have the top fabric on Aurora's stack waiting to be made into a pillowcase dress for a (way overdue) shower gift. It's the very next thing on my crafty to-do list.


Love the peaches and cream fabrics you chose! Will be lovely. Happy camping to you.


Thanks for all the great pics of the Market! I have made your crowns for each of my 3 children and some of their friends -- thanks for that great pattern.


when do we get a sneak peak at the new fabrics?


What a lovely quilt shop. (She says as she drools.) I love the peaches and creams that you chose.



I love those peachy colors! Quilt shops are just the most wonderful place in the whole, entire world. Aaaaah, it's love.

Carolyn Colton

A tip for tying quilts. I tied a bunch of quilts last year to give to wounded soldiers at Walter Reid. I found that rather than knitting yarn to tie the quilts with, I used crewel yarn or crochet cotton - you can get it at the craft stores and many colors. I've also seen embroidery thread used - but I like the crochet cotton or crewel yarn the best.


Love the peaches and cream fabrics. All that Heather Bailey is yummy!


I taught myself knitting about 2 years ago and STILL get overwhelmed in a yarn store. I find I can't shop in one without a list. But, I haven't been knitting much. I'm teaching myself to sew now and it's love, love, love...


i am so bad in a yarn shop...one year for my birthday, i decided to spend my birthday money at a lys, but had not plan when i went in...so now several years later, i have about 6 skeins of lovely blue yarn that i have no idea what to do with (i only bought one each of different kinds - not enough to make anything) but it is lovely to look at and touch :)

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