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June 07, 2009



Beautiful flowers! You are enormously talented!


Just lovely!


Love the flowers, understand being up late to "just do one more" (I have a 6 & 4 year olds), and have fun at the yarn shop...always a thrill for me.


I love these colors!! So fresh. I need to learn how to make flowers. I want to add some to my scarf. And pretty much anything else I might want.

I could get into trouble with yarn too....


Ooo, very beautiful! Enjoy shopping at the yarn store...


that does it, I need to learn crochet! I love the color palet on these. I wonder what would happen if you used wool yarn and felted them?


Really??!! The flowers are great and your progress is incredible. I went to our local yarn shop recently and had to leave before I had a fit...I wanted it all. Where do you go for a problem like this? I love it!



Beautiful flowers - I, too, just taught myself that pattern and absolutely love it. Now you must try the hexagon on Attic24's blog: http://attic24.typepad.com/weblog/hexagon-howto.html
This is my new favorite-stay-up-all-night and can't-wait-to-get-home-from-work to do! Take a look at how she assembles them as she goes along.

Carrie G

I crochet in the bathroom. It's the only doors with working locks - my little sanctuary. I also sit in the car and crochet. Always have a hook and yarn in my purse for unexpected spare time (red lights, traffic jams). It doesn't go away, only been crocheting for 2 yrs, and the obsession is just getting stronger.


So pretty!
Makes me want to dig out my crochet hooks.


These flowers are beautiful. You continue to inspire. :) Keep up the gorgeous work. And love what you said about convincing your daughter about how fun it can be to snip your yarn bits. Sometimes we have to get creative with them, right? Haha. My daughter loves calling herself "Mama's little helper".


Thanks for a new little addiction. I'm making these beauties right now with a color scheme of black, white and hot pink. I was also thinking that it would be cool to just continue one flower until it is large enough to be a pillow. I'm thinking I will try that next. I'm trying to get started on Christmas presents, so I am testing patterns out right now. Thanks for sharing!


I love these! What pattern are you using? I am trying to teach myself to crochet. So far I am finding it a bit better than knitting and somewhat less intimidating because you can really only screw up one stitch at a time!


Nevermind! I just found the link- wasn't reading very well! Thanks for sharing.


Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! I am recently starting to love crochet and these are right up my alley...Thanks for sharing!

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