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April 30, 2009



Good luck to you in this endeavor! I always like the projects that you share here and I feel certain you will find success in this project, too!

Amy @ parkcitygirl

WOW -- How cool! I knew you must have been up to something! Good luck and be confident in yourself!


Good luck :-) I hope you find someone who recognises your obvious talent.


Congratulations and good luck! I'll be cheering for you!!


Wow, congrats! That's really exciting, and I certainly can't wait to see pictures of what you've designed!! I wish I were going to quilt market - it would be fun to meet you and hang out! Take lots of pictures! Good luck!


I wish you at the best at Quilt Market and can't wait to see your pics.

I'm sure what you created is fantastic! I commend you for putting your designs out there. You never know how it will turn out until you try, right?


This is very exciting. I like to "know" people who have the talent and courage to do the things I cannot; it's motivating and also fun to live vicariously :-D

Good luck!


You should be so proud of yourself! That's an exciting thing to have done and I just can't wait to see what you came up with! I'm sure you've got an audience, your sense of color is so rich. Have fun at market!!


the fabulous things you come up with and create constantly inspire and amaze me! i've so enjoyed (lurking)reading your blog over the past couple of months! i'm positive that good things will come of this and i can't wait to see what your designs look like!!! best of luck;)


That is fantastic! I follow your blog and find you intensely creative and inspiring. Your kids play room and birthday parties are amazing. I am positive your fabric will be A+++ as well.

Can't wait to see the pictures. Good Luck!


Good Luck! I am coming out of lurkdom to let you know, you will do great! Your style is awesome.


Way to go, Jess! I'm so like you, I would have had a really hard time saying it before production was real, but it will so happen for you, I know it will!

You will have a blast at Market, I've been twice, can't wait until I can go again...my credit card always got a good workout there!


That's AMAZING! What an accomplishment! i wish you all the luck in the world with it! Have fun at market!


You go girl! I wish I was going to Market. Have loads of fun. Fingers crossed for huge success.

Sara D.

I don't even need to see it to know I would buy it. I love what you do and the style you have and can't wait to see what you've come up with on fabric!!!!

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