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April 10, 2009


Erin Compton

Oh pretty! You should do something awesome with that!
I have yet to "spoonflower" but as soon as I have a drawing or print in my head I can't do without I will. Color testing is an awesome idea, I would have never thought of that.
I have considered spoonflowering some of my Colour Lovers Patterns....


I had a bad spoonflower experience. Don't believe the 100% satisfaction guarantee on the website. They will only care if you are a big customer. Do they have a disclaimer on the website yet about not being able to produce a true black? That's all it would take to save many disasters. If you have a design that doesn't need black, I'm sure it will turn out very well.


That is pretty! I love the color pallette. Maybe you could make a color test duvet cover. Or cut out all the individual squares and then do half-square triangles or something....


Ooooh....aaaahhhh! I have not yet heard about Spoonflower! This could be dangerous! I'm thinking it would be fun to take a drawing by my daughter, turn it into fabric and make something for her....

Oh, the possibilities...


I've been trying to come up with a good design to do- it's such a cool idea!


I have been dying to do some fabric. We thought we might do some local maps when we were trying to figure out fabrics for the baby's room. But we never did. I keep trying to come up with something super to do. I just haven't had the chance to come up with a design I think is good enough for $18.00 a yard. LOL

That is really lovely though! I think that would be pretty framed! :-D

Scott at BlueNickelStudios

I see you did already find Spoonflower! (refer to private email I just sent!) I washed and ironed mine as if I was going to use it and wanted more from Spoonflower, I would want to know before ordering more if it would wash out more (as it does in hand-dying) And I hate the unwashed finish that is on almost all fabric these days....My fabric came out fine, but there was no black. I don't think the colors are as "true" as with other fabrics out there...

Frankly I REALLY like your colors of squares. Very fun!


Well I had not heard of Spooonflower before reading this post. I have just spent the last hour drooling over the site and the designs people have created. Sigh. The colour test fabric is lovely in its own right by the way! thanks for expanding the horizon of my fabric obsession :-)


You need to wash it to finish your color test if you want to wash your quilts. :-) My fabric faded a little, but not much, and felt like regular fabric after washing.


My friend wanted to make Pj's out of her designs. I was thinking of making some bright kitchen curtains to compliment my apple green walls. But have yet to come up with a pattern. I'm a color freak so I love the color swatch pattern you came up with.

Peace Giggles


I don't believe we've met and I heard about you so much at quilt market....you and your beautiful things are so wonderful...

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