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April 05, 2009



I have now made two of those bags and I completely agree. I found the second one much easier because I had by then obtained the welting foot for doing the piping. I can't believe instructions call for using the zipper foot, because it was like trying to screw in a phillips head screw with a flat-head screwdriver. The welting foot made it SO much easier.

I went to the Santa Clara Valley Quilt Show this weekend, and cleaned the grill. Woo hoo -- summer food!


i am glad to hear your thoughts on that bag. i have been eye-ing the pattern for awhile. i might just hold off a bit longer. it is super cute, but i'm not sure if i am up for putting in all that effort to make a overnight bag.


I made this bag too and yes, it was not fun to make. I also agree that it is definitely not a weekend bag - more like a bag that you can take with you on a plane. Here is mine on flickr.



I feel you, I have yet to try an Amy Butler bag that was fun to sew. I made the high street messenger bag and didn't even use it for a year. It was such a pain in the rear to make, I didn't even want to look at it!


I'm an overpacker also, and I have always thought this bag looked small for a weekend trip. THanks for letting me know.

Amy @ parkcitygirl

Interesting to hear your critique - I hadn't looked that close at the pattern, but now I see that I wouldn't do it! :) I edit projects by difficulty, if I know it will be too frustrating . . . I hope you are feeling better!


It is beautiful though! SOrry it was a pain to sew. I have heard that before as well.

I have wanted to amke one forever....just haven't because many have NOT enjoyed sewing it! :)


Good to know - about the weekender bag. I have always wanted to sew that one. But I can't handle such a frustrating project right now. And I am an over packer too, so maybe I will have to look for something bigger... But yours looks great!


Quite an ambitious undertaking. It does look wonderful, but I appreciate the comments by the other equally ambitious sewers. I;ll just admire all of these from afar.

I cleaned out my closet. Oh it felt so good.


Thank you so much for the honest opinion. I, too, have been considering making this bag. But I was somewhat suspicious of the pattern. Some of Amy Butler's patterns are easy, others, not so clear directions.

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