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March 11, 2009



love the title of your post! and your cake stands. so pretty. they look empty, though. you should indulge.


Sounds good! I'd like some too!

I say make cake when you have people to share it with. That way you get some but not all. I try to do that with my down fall, cookies!


Funfetti is where it's at.

I love cake stands! I don't have one, mostly because I don't know where I would store it at the moment. These are gorgeous!


wow - what a find! love the cake stands.

make cake w/ applesauce instead of oil. . . i like to tell myself i can eat more that way ; )

Michelle Z.

Mmmm...cake...cake is my downfall, too. I blame it on having a Grandma who made wedding cakes for a living, and always had scraps left over that needed to be "disposed of" (right down my throat, thankyouverymuch). And I was such a skinny, underweight child that it naturally fell to me to eat up all that cake. I miss my metabolism.

What usually works for me (when I'm struck by the urge at 7am to make a cake and eat it all by myself before DH gets home from work...what? My theory being that if I eat only HALF the cake and he sees the other half, he'll think I'm a little piggy for eating half a cake. If I eat all the cake and wash the pans, he won't think I'm a little piggy because he'll never know. I'd be sparing us both the embarrassment if I finish just off the whole cake.) Where was I? Oh, yeah, what works for me is reminding myself how crappy I feel after consuming all that sugar. I might glory in the moment, but afterwards I feel all drowsy and gross.

Or, I pretend I'm on Biggest Loser and stand in front of the mirror with just a jogging bra and spandex shorts on.

And if THAT doesn't make me want to swear off sugar and jog to the opposite coast, I grab my hand mirror and check out my BACK in just a jogging bra and spandex shorts. Have Mercy!


I love the cake stands! I have a little milk glass collection. It's always been a favorite of mine. My cake stand is just glass though, not as pretty!
Personally, I just like to bake cakes but not eat them. My downfall is pure chocolate and it is killing me this pregnancy!


You can take a box of cake mix and instead of using eggs and oil, just throw in one can of diet soda (I suggest using brown soda for chocolate cakes and lemon lime soda for vanilla cakes). Mix it up and bake as normal. I know it sounds bizarre but it actually does work and it cuts down on calories a ton.

Sara D.

I can't believe you found those at a yard sale...did you have to do something to them to "pretty" them up?

I sympathize with the cake love. For me it's just about anything with frosting. And it seems my 33 year old self has not quite figured out that I do not have my 18 year old metabolism. Bummer.

Scott at BlueNickelStudios

Do you like cake? I mean really, really like cake? :)
Those cake stands are great...Good thing you got two of them...One cake for the family.....One cake for you! :)


Those cake stands are beautiful! They'd look even better with some moist, rich chocolate cake on top...

Amy @ parkcitygirl

Great cake stand finds! I love cake too - I linked to a great one I made yesterday . . . maybe a small slice. . . :)


I'm a huge fan of cake :)
Just got back from a girl's weekend where I almost had no control- I'm fixing the mess and then going to wait a week to weigh myself! I'm scared of the scale right now! I've started Jillian Michael's Shred video and it's a great workout- maybe feeling more in shape I'll stay away from cake- maybe.

Paper Dolls for Boys

So jealous. I have been on the look out for just such beautiful cake stands! Good grab.

I have been thinking hard about what kind of cake I want for my birthday and I have decided (for now) on coconut cake. A good ole southern coconut cake.

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