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January 14, 2009



Oh yeah! The little dude is big on playing with his beanz. I'm not so keen on picking them up, but the bigger kids are good at that :-)


I filled a big rubbermaid container with beans and rice etc. I put cups and cars and whatever else in it. Hours of fun!


I love playing with beans--and rice is fantastic, too. Oh, and my kids seem to like it!

The Zoo Keeper

Beans are fun. We sometimes put in little trucks to push around the beans.
Have you tried oatmeal, it is loads of fun and the more they play with it the softer more ground up it becomes. =)


I love the bean box. This and the art supplies next to the kitchen table are the only reason I get to cook anything. Happy New Year!


It reminds me when my son (5 at the time) stuck a popcorn kernel in his ear. I actually had to schedule "surgery" to have it removed because he wouldn't let the doctor come near him while he was awake. I SOOO get the orifices thing. :o)


Dry oatmeal, rice, grits... they're smaller and messier, but just as much fun!


I have to remember ideas like this after we sat in the house all week looking at each other.


Oh, what a couple sweeties you have there! Beans are good for gluing on paper, too. Sometimes I draw letters for my 3-year-old and have her glue beans onto the lines. She also likes to "cook" with cornmeal, flour oats, and lots of measuring cups and utensils. Good times!


great idea!


Thanks for the idea!!! We've used this activity twice and so far it has kept her attention for 1/2 hour to an hour both times. Not bad for a 19 month old! Thanks again for the reminder on this type of activity!


My cousin stuck a bean up her nose so far one time they had to take her to the doctors to have it removed...she was about the same age :)


Definitely one of our favorite things, though my girls tend to like rice a bit better. Clean up is a pain but so worth it for all the fun.

Scott at BlueNickelStudios

Oh yeah, kids and orifices....
the memories are great!

baby hair bows

It's a great idea. I'll try this out, I think they'll like it.

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