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November 17, 2008



I've never seen the non stick ironing paper. Is it reusable? Is it widely available? I'm always gumming up my ironing board with fusible webbing -- this seems just perfect!


i NEED one of those hem roller guys!

happy 50th!


Congrats on 50 - those gadgets are so cool! I love the pattern weights - I have to get me some of those!

karen thauer

Jess, I've just spent a half an hour looking at your web site and fully enjoying all your very excellent creations and the pics. of the kids. I'm very proud of you. Aurora and Theo look so sweet and each is a great combo of you and John. Hope you are all doing well. We are here. I love all the time I get to be with all my little people. We are expecting a new one any minute, might even be tonight.
I'm going to pass this sight on to my girls. They are all pretty creative themselves and I know they will enjoy seeing this. Take care and love to you and John.
Aunt Karen

Amy @ parkcitygirl

Love your gadgets! The little things really do make a difference :)


I have just been a basic sewer my whole life, so it is very interesting to see the different gadgets out that could revolutionize my turn of the century technique! Thanks.


I miss my weights, they got lost somewhere along the way.
I use a different pointy thing and have a different foot but that one looks much easier to handle, I'm intrigued by it!


i have a double hem attachment for my machine and i do NOT get it....i tried a couple of times and gave up on it...i've resigned myself to burning my fingers because i put them too close to the iron when i'm folding hems...the sacrifices one makes


I need that hemroller thingy! Awesome!


I'd really love to know where you got your hem roller or what kind it is. I went to my specialty sewing store to get one, but they gave me two presser foot attachments that are nothing like yours. I shoud have brought a photo. Is yours a special attachment to your machine??

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