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October 15, 2008



Oh my!
I love the pumpkin fairy, and I think it's all in the details, because it looks so perfect. But those bat ears - they're so cool :-) I love them, and the wings.
How clever you are, and how lucky your kids are.
Now...my kids would like...


You are a costume genius. I love the leaves on the pumpkin.

The ears on the bat remind me of Dobby from Harry Potter. Very Cute!


Both those costumes are great. I'm thinking of the year we were robots (boxes with aluminum foil!)...those costumes certainly take the cake!


You're amazing! I'm putting these on my blog today!

jacqui jones

im an extra details person too\
i notice them..:)

love the dress ups


I totally noticed the veins on the leaves and the shape of her pixie hat :) How sweet!


that bat costume is fabulous!

oh, and I love the leaves trailing down on the pumpkin

Carrie G

Jessica - did you put any wire in the ears to make them stand? Both my boys want to be bats this year and am trying to figure out if interfacing is enough, but I love those ears!


I love them! That bat is so stinkin cute!


The pumpkin fairy is cute, but I absolutely love the bat! I love that the wings open and close when she moves her arms, and I love the purple underside to them.


Great costumes. I love the bat.

Doris at Threads of Conversation

Okay...I noticed the veins and the shape of the hat, even before you mentioned it! Details Do matter, girlfriend!

I LOVE that Bat costume, possibly even better than the monster one in my opinion. May she never *gasp* ask for a purchased costume!


You are very talented ! I couldn't even imagine those incredible costumes let only make one. Did you use a pattern or just design and go ?
I'm trying to make your birthday crown design for my daughter's b-day. We'll see how it goes.

Paper Dolls for Boys

Holy crap you have mad skills!!!

sandi a.

I love the pumpkin costume and all the details, including the veins on the leaves. :-) And the bat costume, well, when Aurora the Bat spreads her wings, she looks like she could take flight!! You are an awesome costume maker! I just love visiting your blog to see what you come up with next!!

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