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September 07, 2008



LOVE the gumdrop pillow! I've been wanting to try one of those...
Good luck party preppin' - and you're right. They are a lot of work!


I love the ottoman.


I have that pattern for the ottoman and I considered filling the innermost part with those plastic bags (walmart like) and then wrapping batting and stuffing...just a thought, do you think it would work? I need to make one.


I've been eying up those gumdrop pillows for awhile. I just don't think there is room in our small space for them! Love your colour choices.


Those are such cute things! I wish I could get it together and manage to finish any of the things on my list. We're way too scattered in my house!


Wow! How did I miss the gum drop ottoman? I want one! You did a great job on it and the magnets.

I just worked the whole past week to clean out my sewing room. I found cute handmade things (and old patterns for other things) that I used to make for my kids when they were young (and when I was young(er)! I had completely forgotten about these items that brought back happy memories.


Both projects are great!


party prep is tedious, but you are super woman and your girl is going to love every part of it. well maybe not every, but maybe when she's older.

those pebble magnets are fabulous. i just aquired a huge magnetic dry erase board. i believe it needs a handful or two.

your gumdrop pillow is beautiful. i've been sitting on that pattern for a while. i figured the piecing could be way easy or totally lame. i'm glad to hear it was fairly simple, but needs more stuffing. i have a few older pillows that are taking up space and could be ripped up and included in the cushions.

it was good to see you poke your head above the water. dont forget to breath here and there.


Great job on your gumdrop! I love the color combo!


I've had that gumdrop pattern for years now and just remembered when I saw this post (just found your blog from sew mama sew and LOVE your blog!). I'm so inspired to make one now - can't wait!!

kim tan

lol i may be years too late but i love your pouf!! the pattern and fabric is amazing! can i ask where the floral fabric is from :)

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