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September 25, 2008



Can't wait for the second installment. You clearly outdid yourself! I wish I had been there to play the bean bag toss! All those monsters everywhere, just adorable! I love the wall dots too. I'm going to tray my hand at making some. You are a creative genius.


I knew it would be great...she looks so excited! Those are the best moments..to see your little ones face light up! Priceless!

Glad you had your friend to capture all the special moments!

Amy @ parkcitygirl

I agree her photos are great! What an amazing party :) Hope to see more people when you get the kinks worked out.


so awesome! looks like it was a total BLAST! i'm going to have to lift this and have a super rad monster party of my own!!!!


That is so adorable, everything came out great! Most wonderful Queen of the Monsters, indeed!

So... I'd love to see your studio set up. I find with kids underfoot my space is just not the way it should be and am looking for ways to make myself a really great studio.


WOW you are the coolest Mum ever!!
your kids must be so excited to know you put in so much effort for them - amazing!!
also, Aurora is the name of one of my fave Foo Fighters song! i've never heard anyone called it before - brill name for a really cute little girl:)


Wow...so adorable!!! You did such a great job. That`s one kids party that I wouldn`t have minded attending :)


Oh that looks like a lot of fun! Love the monster shaped fruit bowl and monster ice cream sundaes - great ideas! Martha will be calling you!


My 13-year old came in and looked over my shoulder as I was perusing your post.

"WOW! What's that?" he gasped, in response to your watermelon monster fruit salad. He had the same response to your ice cream monster.

I have to agree. Awesome. Totally awesome. =)


waouh it's fabulous birthday :o))


This is such an adorable birthday party. Makes me a little tired just to look at all that you did. Great job and very creative.

Lisa G.

SOOOOOO cute! The monster theme was such a clever idea and the photos look like should be in a magazine! The kids looked like they had so much fun too and either boys or girls would love it!

julie j.

Very cute party. I love the monster watermellon!

Michelle @ Everyday Celebrating

Not having it every year? It only comes once a year! Ya gotta!
It was fabulous!!!!

Michelle @ Everyday Celebrating

Not having it every year? It only comes once a year! Ya gotta!
It was fabulous!!!!

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