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August 25, 2008



That's a great day! I love spending time with crafty friends-they are so inspiring and you have a super crafty friend!!! Looks like an awesome day-and I agree, I just love blogging as well!

Paper Dolls for Boys

Yeahhhhhh! Sew jealous, indeed! I'll see you at the Grand Opening!


Looka like a wonderful day. I'm loving the blogging community too!


My gut reaction is...You suck!...so I mean that in the most endearing, loving, and kind hearted way possible! LOL, a real life sewing buddy, a whole sewing day, in an actual studio, with Melissa, AND YARDAGE??? yeah, you suck resonates those feelings of jealousy I have all too well.

So jealous! She's super cool and you guys are so lucky to be able to be so close to each other, so far I know little ole me here in the midwest, lol. Love reading your blog and I know you will be venturing off in directions similar to Melissa's in no time. You've got far to much talent to simply blog. Later tater!

Amy @ parkcitygirl

You're right - I'm totally jealous. But now I'm over it and we can still be friends :) Glad you got out of your tower for some fun - glad you are close by to one another.


How fun is that? Awesome that you were able to help her out and have a great time too! She's gonna rock that tv segment.

Carrie G

Total Jealousy! I kind of feel like the kid in gym class that got picked last for dodgeball. This blog world is amazing and random and wonderful. I found you both by chance...or was it fate?
Glad you had a great time, can't wait to see what you do with that Sugar Snap you snagged!


How great when people get together to work and have a nice time.
Lovely fabrics! so colorful!


Yes, for sure, I am jealous! What an amazing day and experience. You're right about blogging. I, too, very much enjoy reading wonderful blogs. There are amazingly talented folks everywhere!


You're right, jealous, indeed. You and Melissa are both so sweet, I would have loved to have been there. I hope I can see her TV segment through YouTube or something as well!


How Awesome! I feel like you - I didn't know such an amazing community of creativity existed - it is so inspiring! And I love her new fabric line. Can't wait to order some.


What a great way to spend a day! Melissa's fabric is fabulous!


I am so envious! I'll drive in from NYS to meet you guys! The store looks awesome - the fabric delicious - you 2 are adorable...brings a tear to my eye to see my "imaginary friends"...I totally know what you mean about meeting people from all over through blogging etc and how hard it is to describe the relationship to your friends around town!


Blogging has been a similar experience for me and I count you among my new friends!

I just returned from MV where I had spotty internet - too bad or I would have descended upon you both with a car full of sandy boys on my way home!


I but I would fly across country for a class!! How fun would that be! Loved you blog, by the way. I just started writing my own.."Bishop`s Room" www.bmommy1.blogspot.com

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