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August 18, 2008


Carrie - washmycloth

He is adorable! Love the shirt and the crown and bib are great! I love that quilt. I have no patience or technical skills for all that piecework. Not sure about transfers, but I would print out the words, place under the fabric, and trace with either a pencil or a disappearing ink pen for quilters and then embroider over those marks. You could tape the paper and fabric to a window to help see through the fabric, assuming you would be using a somewhat light colored fabric for the label.
Good luck! That first birthday is the BEST!

Doris at Threads of Conversation

Oh. My. God. That is too precious.

Oh, yeah, the quilt is pretty great too!



that came out great!

I put the fabric on a light box and trace the design with a water-soluble disappearing ink fabric marker then stitch it. All you need to do to get rid of the lines if they show is a little spray of water and they disappear. Very easy. You could use a brightly lit window too.

Whoops, just saw this was already suggested...

Happy Birthday to Theo :)

Paper Dolls for Boys

I can not believe you MADE that. Holy crap you are GOOD! Nevermind finding the time, you have mad skills!
And the birthday crown is one of the coolest I"ve seen. Very modern (and not Waldorfy moss fairy style)!
Happy B.Day to the little cutie!
ps- Thanks for the nice words on my blog. Made my day!


This quilt is beautiful! I am so impressed. I have bookmarked it hoping that someday I will know a little boy that I can made a similar one for.

Amy @ parkcitygirl

He's too cute! His quilt is amazing - love all the bright colors and the quilting.


Super-cute boy and quilt!


Happy birthday little one! Beautiful quilt and fabulous blog! Thank you.


The quilt came out beautiful and I'm really impressed with your free-form quilting!

Sometimes for labeling, I design what I want and print it onto fabric sheets (those kind that go through the ink-jet printer) and cut it down, then blind-stitch it on. I can't think of a way to transfer embroidery designs to the back after it's all been quilted... but I like a good challenge so I'll let you know if I come up with anything.

Happy birthday Theo!


Happy birthday Theo! And that quilt is just beautiful!


i love the fancy quilting! fantastic idea! i still have yet to finish my son's quilt that i started about 16 months ago! hmmmm

embroidery - if you're doing it straight to the quilt and not on a separate piece of fabric -i would write your info on some light weight sew-in interfacing. pin it to the quilt (or use a hoop) and embroider on top of that. then you can just tear away the interfacing.


My goodness-I love LOVE LOVE that quilt! Sometimes I think that making the quilt is the easy part, but putting the label on is so tricky-just the right words on just the right design. Looks like a great first birthday celebration!


Ooo, I love this quilt! I always have trouble thinking of boy things, but this is perfect!

Mary Corbet

Hi, Jessica -

Beautiful quilt!!

Transfering embroidery designs is easy, and there are heaps of ways to do it. I notice some already suggested a light box or a sunny window. You can use the water-soluble pens, but if you don't have one handy, just use a light pencil. If you spray starch the fabric really well before transfering, a light pencil will come out really easily by washing, but if you're covering the line with your stitches, it won't matter, anyway.

You can also trace your design with a fine-tipped permanent marker onto solvy (clear water-soluble stabilizer), and then hoop up your fabric with the solvy on top of it (in the hoop, too) and stitch through the solvy and the fabric. Then soak the piece until the solvy dissolves. I have a tutorial on that here:
http://www.needlenthread.com/2006/10/transferring-embroidery-patterns.html (part I) and here: http://www.needlenthread.com/2006/10/transferring-embroidery-patterns-solvy.html (part II)

Wonderful job on the quilt - I love the whales!!

Mary Corbet


Precious quilt but not nearly as cute as your son!

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