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August 14, 2008



I got here from Sew Mama Sew, since I was admiring the belt, and wondering what to do with some quilting scraps I have...

Anyway, favorite colors: Olive green (painted my hallway a color called "grapeleaves"); Mediterranean blue (very deep and intense blue, like the sky over the ocean--and now the color of my living room); and hyacinth lavender (first and second bedrooms and upstairs hallway). My ex boyfriend freaked out at so much color--probably why he is an ex!

Erin J.

I just stumbled on your blog yesterday. I LOVE what I've seen so far. Right now my favorite colors are chocolate brown, steel blue, and like an apple green (granny smith apple) kinda color :)


What an awesome giveaway! Lately, I've been loving any bright color paired with dark chocolate brown. Especially, lime green, burnt orange or bubble-gum pink. I'm a new reader of you blog, but I've already really enjoyed it. Thanks!

Amy Hodge

I can't believe you're giving away all of this stuff in one giveaway. That's very generous. My favorite color is definitely a chocolate brown color (I love wearing it as it goes great with my red hair!). After that I would probably say a Chinese red sort of color -- not the bright kindergarten kind of red, but something that looks really good with the brown. But not a cranberry or burgundy color -- still red! I also completely agree that there are some wonderful shades of gray that are really underrated. My bedroom is gray and purple (even had purple walls at our last house, but, alas, we can't paint in this darned rental apartment!). Did that sound too coincidentally like your choices? ;)


I am new to your blog and LOVE it!
My most favorite color is candy apple red.
I also really like a turquoise-any shade
and to pair with the turquoise, I love brown. Chocolate brown.

Doris at Threads of Conversation

Holy Cow, Jess--that IS a wicked awesome giveaway! See, out East ya'll say "wicked awesome", here we say "holy cow". And I lived in South Carolina for three+ years, thus the "ya'll".

Aqua--the soft robin's egg kind
Cherry Red (especially combined with Aqua)
Lime Green of any shade or tint, maybe a Honeydew green would be my fave...always been a green nut!

If I had to come up with a number four it would be a deep Chocolate Brown...


What a great giveaway! My favorite three colors at the moment are robin egg blue, buttercream yellow and cotton candy pink.


heck there will still ony 5 comments when I started. erm just 3 is very tricky! OK I'm going for:
Sage. I love all greens but sage is calming and goes with so many other colours.
Gunmetal grey - I like that it is bold and dramatic but still subtle.
Neon orange - in total contrast to the other 2, I love a bright unexpected shock of colour now and again.


that's an amazing giveaway! thanks for offering it!

far and away my most favorite is the color of a clear twilight. that electric blue halfway between the light to dark. maxfield parish captures it perfectly in so many paintings, like this one: http://www.artpassions.net/cgi-bin/parrish.pl?../galleries/parrish/winter_twilight.jpg

i love a deep plummy purple and the color of new spring tree leaves after a rain, set against the dark branches... *sigh*


FABULOUS! I'll have to add this one to my Crafty Contests page!

Hmmm...three, that's hard. Right now I'll have to go with a bright aqua, a lovely light lime green and a bold magenta. All colors I'm working with right now!


Love your blog........my favorite colors are watermeloon pink, baby blue, and chartreuse!


What a cool idea!

I am loving Poppy, Lemon and Jadeite. It's all about COLOR for me!


My current, most favorite (non blue or green) color right now is the cool turquoise that Amanda from SouleMama & Meg from Sew Liberated used in their studios.

I've also been drawn to a soft sage-y, gray color that I think would look great in my kitchen.

Finally, somewhat strangely for me, I love all the pops of bright orange I'm seeing just about everywhere.

So, there are three that are not just 'blue' or 'green!'

Mandy Jo

I'm already dreaming of what I'll do with those half-yard cuts and little bits! Let's see...my favorite colors at this instant have to be Valspar's "Twilight Mist"(a dusky lavender with hints of grey and blue, "Garden Mist" (a shade of green Valspar paint that looks soft and "springy"), and "Distant Valley" (another Valspar paint shade that is similar to cornflower blue). Calming blues and greens...(apparently "misty" colors are my thing)

Dawn Marie

We are building a new sewing room in my favorite colors of the summer- Sweet Rhapsody" (a Behr turquoise color paint), linen (carpet), with accents of lipstick red.
Love to win the drawing to have new fabric for my new room :)

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