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August 14, 2008



Ciao! I'm writing from Italy and I really like your blog too. I'm very lucky to have access to some really nice fabrics and notions but home sewing just isn't as popular here as in the US and Canada. I'm a sewing enthusiast all the same and here are my favourite colours: azure, seafoam green and of course, sienna, the warm colour of so much architecture in the area where I live in central Italy. I look forward to reading you more! Valcatraz


My favorite colors:
hazel...the color of my true love's eyes...
turquoise, the color of my mom's kitchen...and rich yellow...the color of stella doro daylillies.


It so depends on what it is for.....
I am trying to figure out the colour scheme for my craft room (when I finally get one..) and I am stuck with pale pink, sky blue, or mint green to go with espresso brown.
For clothing?
Cherry red, Emerald green, plum purple....


ooh, great bribery trick. i followed the link from stacy sews blog. my 3 fave colors right now are chocolate brown, navy blue, and lemon yellow. but i change my mind every five minutes or so.


hmmmm...funny you should ask for colors since that seems to be the topic in my life this week! :) All shades of rust, lemon yellow and the green-brown of a bosc pear.

I had the revelation while planting my garden that all the flowers were shades of rust (from reddish to brown), or bright lemony yellow--not colors I would pick to sew with, but apparently colors I should consider. The Bosc pear green comes from a comment from my 8 yr old "mom that fabric looks like the skin of a Bosc pear." She wasn't too far off the mark, but I love it! :)


Scarlet, stormy gray and chartreuse.

Love the rainbow - love hearing what everyone else says too!



chartreuse, raspberry, salmon are 3 of my favorite colors.

Lovely fabrics you've got there. Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

Laura M.

Hi what a generous giveaway and a fun blog! My fave colors right now are a deep jewel green, a bright electric blue/teal and a rich slate blue...like normal slate blue but less gray...does that make sense?


My alltime favorite color is hot pink.. the richer, the better. I wear a good deal of black and accent alot with it in my quilts so I guess that's my close second. Lime green is number three on my list. My how my taste has changed over time. Love it!!! Pick me!!!

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