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August 14, 2008



What a great giveaway. I love it. My three favorite colors are terra cotta orange, chocolate brown, and turquoise. Only the last two together though. Thanks so much for a great stash of stuff!

A Thompson

Lime Green, chocolate brown, watermelon pink

Pick me, pick me!
I am dying for some new fun fabric ;)


ooo la la! what wonderful things you are sharing... thank you! I have been quietly checking in on your blog ever since you shared an ice cream with Melissa from yummy goods.

My favorite colors you ask? green. Any shade of green: celery green, sage green, fern green, moss green, midori green...the list goes on and on! And if I had to share another color or two, it would definitely be lemonade yellow, cranberry red, mocassin brown, slate blue.... I will stop. But I could on forever! :)

Thank you for sharing a piece of yourself with others -- you are a very inspiring woman! I can only hope that some day I will allow my inner artist out more. :)

Anne in SC

Love your blog! I linked it from Sew Mama Sew. I'm not sure I can only pick three but my currect favorite color combo is: chocolate brown, bright turquoise blue, with a splash of juicy tangerine!



Wow, what a great giveaway! It would make my day to receive a package like that in the mail! My favorite colors - I'd have to go with sour lemon, that great apple green (though that description doesn't do the color I'm referring to justice) and like you, chocolate brown. Hope I win :)


Oh what a fun give-away.

Here are my 3: cayenne red, old gold, and royal purple.

Why are these my favs? That's easy! My hubby loves me in cayenne so I think it must make me beautiful ;). Old gold--'Da Saints! and Royal Purple--GEAUX TIGERS!!!

I've surrounded myself in these colors too. My kitchen is old gold with lots of red accents and my closet has lots and lots of red and purple!


Okay, so I'm going to have make up some fancy names for colours, eh? I have my living and dining room walls painted in chocolate brown and a slate-y blue/grey. That's a good colour combination, I think. One more? A great primrose yellow (but not with the brown and the slate :)


hi! I'm new to your blog, and i LOVE your style! can't wait to read more!

as for my favorite colors ... I might be like Julia Roberts' character in Steel Magnolias ... she said her colors for her wedding were "blush & bashful", but her mom was quick to point out that her colors were "pink & pink" ... well, with me it's not shades of pink, but rather shades of red ... raspberry, cerise, and merlot. :o)


Steel blue, chocolate brown, and an orange that isn't quite burnt, but more like sauteed.

kristen - gock's frocks

only 3 ?!?!? I am a color junkie ;)...love the pear green of your blog background....indigo (purple with a hint of blue....most definitely NOT purple with red overtones - blech!) and....hmmmm....melon? aqua? buttercup? so hard to choose just 3!

love your blog!


indigo, vermillion, robin's egg blue (to start...)


Linked in to your tutorial - love your blog.

My current favorites are fresh green (almost granny smith apple green but darker) bright periwinkle blue (more blue than light purple) and simple khaki (like a nice worn in pair of chinos).


Juicy Orange, Shamrock Green, & Daisy Yellow


What an awesome giveaway! Oh how I especially love those cute zippered bags - I really love pencil cases. Of course, the belt is fab too. You would think choosing three favorite colors would be easy, but it was hard. For now, I'm going to say magenta, spring green and aqua blue.

Julie @ Letter9

Um, I'm kind of digging every single color shown here? But I'm particularly into cherry red, raspberry, and grass green right now.

And medium brown linen. Oooh.

And slate blue.

Oh, I could go on forever!

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