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July 20, 2008



Very cute!


Hi! I'm a pretty new blogger also. I still haven't told my 'real world' friends. I felt the same way - sort of nervous that they wouldn't be interested. There's something safer about opening up to strangers... anyway - welcome - your blog is lots of fun. drop over to my place anytime!

Scott at Blue Nickel Studios

Hey dudette!
I just popped in here from Melissa's site and Jess, I must say, I love your vibes so far! This is a GREAT idea for a business card...I just revamped my card, you can see it on my site, but I think when the order comes in, I am going to get an old needle and take your idea as well! I love it!

Gee Snyder

I am a proud possessor of this business card and I say, don't even think of changing it. It is certainly one I wouldn't mindlessly discard in 6 months; it's too pretty!


jess-found you through yummy goods! LOVE your BLOG--I'll be stopping back often! Super cute cards! kristina

Paper Dolls for Boys

I love that idea - sewing paper in one of my favorite things. Beats the heck out of glue.

And "Start spreading the juice" made me laugh.


This is SUCH a great idea! I just love it!! Now I want to make some!! :) Love the blog!


how did you make these? do you mind sharing?


They're awesome! You must feel proud and not embarrassed. Highly original and inspiring. Regards from Barcelona.


Theres nothing wrong with these cards! Your very creative, and detailed. If I were you I would be proud, and for those who snub them its because their jealous. ( wish I would of thought of this idea! lol) See I'm totally jealous.


I was thinking of doing something like this which is how I stumbled upon your blog. Really love this. Very cute!


Thank you so much for posting this. I am a work at home seamstress and I can't handle boring cards. This will be perfect. Thank you for the inspiration, today you get to be my muse!

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