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May 25, 2010


Rosy Lady

Those aprons are gorgeous! Sorry to hear you're going through a bit of a low period. Maybe you need to take some time for yourself and charge your battery? Hope you feel better soon. x


Wow! How do you choose which side to wear out. So amazing. I know what you mean about the happy place, I feel that way about my blog.
Sorry about Quilt Market. If it helps you are not alone. I have been having a bit of a pity party over not going myself. Whaa.

Claire - Matching Pegs

I find that sometime sharing that you are not too cheery is just as cathartic as sharing a new bit of creativity.

My blog is generally my happy craft place, but sometimes I let a little reality creep in.

I hope you feel better.

Feels like Winter here in Melbourne, Australia, all wet and grey. Luckily I just got a copy of North and South to cheer me up!

Good Luck with all the secret work!


Chin up - hope you are back soon with lots you can show us. I've missed your posts. I fially got to work with almost the whole range of Timber this week, boy it is totally devine.


I know what you mean when you say that you need to show something :)
I started blogging (which was not so long ago) to get some feedback from other people about the things I do and I got really addicted to that.
If it helps you, I ordered some of your fabric a while ago and they finally arrived here. Unfortunately I only got a small portion of what I really wanted (the rest was sold out...) and now I am too afraid to cut into it because I need the perfect project for it :)
They are absolutely beautiful!
I hope you have a great day,
PS: if you can't show the stuff you are working on you could give sneak previews choosing a focus that has us guessing until forever. Or, you could let your kids do a drawing of it and then show us :) We really like to see it!


Chin up, young person! You rock!


Your apron is so fun and totally different on the reverse!

Tabitha O.

The blog readers are here to support you...and we need your creativity to inspire us just as much as you need to show it...allow yourself the moments of stress and then let it go when you can... it will all work out :)


Your work is beautiful. I will wait.


Oh I have *so* been there. And props to you for making your blog your happy place - I'm in complete agreement. I hope you get your crafty mojo back soon! :)


Here's to hoping you feel better and I truly love, love, love that apron!


I'm sorry that you are feeling low. Treat yourself very kindly, please, and come back and tell us of your adventures when you feel like it. We'll be here! :)


That is really cute! I've been in a slump for a bit too but feeling more encouraged to get back in my studio the last few days.


Hey there! I just watched the "Funk" episode on Glee....which I am hooked on...thanks to you! That cheered me up tonite! So looking forward to all your upcoming things!! We really did miss you at Market. I won't be at Fall, and I hope to be at Salt Lake. Maybe I'll see you there??
Cheers my friend!!


I'm sorry you're down. I wish I was throwing a cookie party I could invite you to. =)

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