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March 08, 2009



That blanket is adorable! I'm not as aware of it as you seem to be but I know I get cranky when I haven't been creative. I usually figure it out when I do find the motivation and realize that's what was missing!


What a sweet blanket! Love the fabric!

Amy @ parkcitygirl

Glad the birth went well - cute little blanket :) You may have noticed I seem to be in a similar place as you . . . it's all part of the process, I think.


I think many of us have been there. Who can explain it, but creative people seem to have this ironic relationship with our art. We need to create to be happy and healthy, but unless we're happy and healthy we can't create.

I want to recommend the following article by Dana Howell and Doris Pierce. "Exploring the forgotten restorative dimension of Occupation: Quilting and Quilt Use." Its a really interesting look at the physical and emotional benefits of quilting.


Love the blanket! I can't wait for the tutorial, but I will. Patiently, I promise!

Take your time getting back into the swing of things. This space ebbs and flows like all others.

Erin Compton

That blanket is so adorable! How on earth do you get the mitered corners and binding on perfect? I'm about to tear my hair out on the two blankets I've been attempting to put satin binding on!


Oh my - How do you always say what I feel? I am in a new phase of "creativity stuckness" since having the baby. I have TONS of things I want to make - for her and for the TONS of friends having babies - but my little one doesn't take long naps, and when she's awake, she sort of likes to have some interaction and be held. (I'm typing one handed as we speak!)

Your blanket is precious. I'm excited to hear of a homebirthed baby; Lilah was born at a birthing center (a converted home not hospital affiliated) and I loved that experience and my midwives! Congratulate your friends from another alternative birther :-)

Hmmm...perhaps you can help me: Got any ideas for a midwife's gift?


I love the fabic you selected for this blanket.

I think we all go through these phases when we are a little lost.


Just wanted to say, I think the blanket is sweet. Don't know how you find the time to complete the projects you do, so I wouldn't get too down on yourself. It's all part of the process. First time I have posted on your blog, but have followed for quite some time. Always enjoy your projects and the way you communicate your thoughts. Thanks for putting yourself out there.

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