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December 17, 2008



I love that snowflake cookie cutter shape! I also like both the plain white frosting and the ones with blue sprinkles. So pretty! I'm sure the teachers will enjoy them too.

Amy @ parkcitygirl

They are really pretty - the kids aren't too picky :) As for the dough . . . add more sugar - lol


The cookies are absolutely lovely. And the idea of scrapping dough sounds a little wasteful, any chance a slight bit of vanilla and a pinch more sugar won't put them right? I'm not quite sure what a bit eggy would taste like, and why that would be so bad...but, back to the fact that the cookies are absolutely lovely!!!


These are so darling! I love the sprinkles--perfect for 4 year-olds! I would just make the rest for neighbors with the suggested additions above. Oh, and maybe they taste better the day after you make them? I recently discovered your blog and now it's one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing all your ideas!


I have a recipe for you! Its from the cookie cookbook you gave me last Christmas. They hold the shape well and the taste is good too. Its not perfect, I have to work on that, but they're good. I think its the cornstarch they use that helps keep the shape. I'll bring it home on Saturday. If you want to use the rest of the dough you could try adding a little lemon zest. Wouldn't be a normal sugar cookie but it'll give them a bit more flavour.


I would totally use it. They will just appreciate the thought. And, you can always just put more icing on theirs; although, those cookies are wicked cute!


They look nice. Not sure what can fix the dough.


I say use it up, too. Those sure are some cute cookies, though! Love the white icing with blue sprinkles.


The cookies look delicious! And I'd say just add more icing....don't waste

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