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December 09, 2008



I am totally with you on the bread. I checked that book out from the library, and I am just going to have to buy it. It is not a good checked out book. I just want to keep it.

And, as for the bread recipe, I would totally try it! I made yeast bread this weekend, but I need to work on the consistency of my dough. I am not sure what happened. I understand it being top secret though!

Thanks for sharing about your food favorites! Sounds like we are cut from the same cloth. Atkins made me sick too.


I also am a total bread addict.
I was a professional baker for about 5 years and I still go on crazy bread-making binges 3 or 4 times a year.
I am in the midst of one now, and I never knew our family could go through so much butter!
I got the artisan book in 5 minutes a day too, it is a wonder.
Nice to know there are other bread fiends out there too...


I also am a bread addict. I love fresh bread so much that I refuse to buy store bread, so I make it every few days at home. (I know I'm weird, but the kneading is kind of therapeutic, and I love the smell wafting through the house....mmmmm....) If you're willing to post that recipe, I would totally try it!
p.s. just the thought of giving up bread on ANY diet make me ill!

Amy @ parkcitygirl

I love bread too! I try not to make it but for special occasions (like spaghetti night LOL) but it's so comforting when it's cold out. One of my current fav's is here :

I want people to know that I was here or there - that's why I always comment :)

Christina W.

Yum! That looks good. I'm going to have to pick up that book!


I believe myself, my three sisters, and my children have an incurable addiction to bread. Fresh homemade bread even beats homemade cookies and cake. Although homemade cinnamon rolls are definitely right there at the top... mmm...


Who can wait until the bread cools down? That's one of the perks of baking it yourself, that you get to have a slice when it's still hot enough to burn you!

I tried Atkins too, and it made me cranky and sad!


I'm still laughing about the last line you wrote. I'm so glad someone said it - SO MANY times girls ask me for recipes and I would LOVE to say "Are you really going to use this recipe? Because it's a pain in the rear to copy it down and I hate using my recipe cards I got at Sur La Table and I only have a couple of them left and I know YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO MAKE THIS!

Oh, in an aside (sounds so weird) my son and I made bread yesterday. We love, love, love bread.


jacqui jones

i want this book

Trish James

I love homemade bread, so warm and buttery and yummy! I understand that you don't want to give out your recipe but if ever you do decide to pass it on for testing, i'd be more than happy to give it a go because i'm a bread addict too! x


I bought the book, tried the recipes... and for some reason, my bread is flat and it is sooo hard! Any ideas on how to remedy that? Also do you do the water in the bottom of the oven and you really cook it at 450 degrees?

I would like it without the water and the high heat.

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