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October 21, 2008


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I used to collect vintage painted juice glasses!
That all ended when I got married, and my new husband broke all 15 of them while washing dishes.
It took about 6 months, but they are all gone.
Maybe when my kids are grown up, I'll try again...


Squishy Pennies.

And I have many of the same feelings about "collections" as you do, which is why I always search out and am happy to find one of those squishy penny makers everywhere I go. I figure that a penny is small enough to be souviner, but it wasn't until this past weekend that I finally got off my butt and figured out how to display them...I was tired of my awesome squishy pennies living in a sandwich bag.

Hopefully, this way will keep me from losing some, because I know for a FACT I used to have more...


This is strange I know...but I collect the "Fossil" cases that you get when you buy a watch. Do you know what I am talking about? I think they are the coolest little cases and there really are so many diffrent ones!


I love the juice glasses. We used to have all kinds of vintage kitchen stuff, but when we moved to California a couple of years ago we got rid of over half our belongings. We were moving into MUCH less space and we weren't going to have room. Other collections that didn't make the cut included a collection of old black and white photographs of groups, the crazier the better. We still have one of a group of men and their beagles preparing for a fox hunt. We do still have a collection of McCoy flower pots, and a collection of vintage Sandwich glass that we use for our every day dishes. It's definitely more fun in my opinion to have collections that you can really use!


I collect birds with their tails up! Strange i know but my favourite bird is a Willy Wagtail (do you have these in Amercia?) I also collect fabric, that never gets old! and i collect Blue Glass. My husband calls me a bower bird. (an Australian bird that collect blue things on it's nesting pile to attract the ladies!)


Your juice glasses are great! They remind me of ones we had when I was a kid.

As far as collecting, I've given up. It feels like it's just more to dust! I'm going with 'less is more' right now.


I collect fabric and other textiles, but my weakness is hankies. Since I was a child, I have always loved them. Now I limit to adding one or two as souvenirs when we travel, or occassionally one that is really different. (hard to find, as I have....many.... )

jacqui jones

i collect for my girls
very traditional, sometimes one off funky little christmas decorations so that they will one day leave home with a collection to fill a tree. we use them each year and they get the first gift of the giving season on the first of dec when we put up the tree...its such a nice way to start christmas, and i love looking for the decoration. i think this year i will hand make them but...not sure


Vintage cups are a good collection. Fun and useful. I agree with you that most collections are just space hoggers that gather dust. I think I collect craft supplies(including fabric) and to-do lists lol!


I collect, um, really cool fabric that I swear I'm going to make something with someday. :)

I love the idea of collecting vintage glasses and I really, really want someone (you) to buy these: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=15017268
I would buy them myself but I'm on a strict self-imposed shopping boycott...

Amy @ parkcitygirl

I don't really collect . . . there's no space left in this house. :)

Doris at Threads of Conversation

Thanks, Jess. Now I have to start collecting those adorable Halloween figurines. I've stopped collecting almost everything (except fabric and vintage quilt stuff!) The stuff just gets to be too overwhelming!


Love the idea of collecting the vintage juice glasses. I completely agree with your thoughts on collecting. I have a very difficult time collecting things unless I'm actually going to use them. I collect Pyrex bowls and casserole dishes. I love the retro feeling they give me when I'm cooking, the colors are fab, and I use them everyday. It was the perfect thing for me to collect :)


Oooh, let's see....McCoy pottery - mostly the flower pots. Widgets by Shearwater Pottery. Very non-pc but I love them. I love glass things especially hobnail glass from LE Smith Glass. Blue and white transferware - I haven't really gotten any new pieces in forever because it's become very expensive. I wish I collected fabric but, like money in my pocket, if I have it, I use it....seashells - I have shells stashed everywhere...some on my window above the kitchen sink - every time I look at them they make me happy..

Paper Dolls for Boys

I collect all kinds of crap, and am being buried in "STUFF". I collect tin globes (which take up a shocking about of space), vintage cameras (particularly toy cameras), vintage books (mostly childrens), Vintage Chinese checker boards, and a whole mess more.

I am impressed by your restraint! Cute little glasses and not too hard to find at Thrift stores.

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