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October 03, 2008


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Well, I do the same thing! with the so and well. Maybe these blogs really are like one big long conversation!

I love what you did with the place!


The table tempted me, and now the castle convinces me, I need to pick up some mod podge! Fantastic transformation!
Those marshmallow wands, by the way, are really great! I'm getting all kinds of birthday ideas from your blog. Good thing I have until March to actually pull anything together, though. Your creativity is inspiring.



Rachael M.

I kind of sort of stalk your blog, because your birthday party stuff was *so* awesome, and now with this post I am convinced that you are way better than Martha Stewart ever could think about and wish I could be like that.

But I'm far too disorganized. I have craft potential, I just don't see a lot of it realized. LOL. Especially I don't know how you do it with two kids. Because I've got only one...and she's not born yet...and I still can't manage to get anything done!

Kudos on the Pony Castle revamp. Ty would be proud.

Jen Borley

It's fabulous! I don't have girl people here. .but I think my boys would even love this. I agree with you. . . buying those big plastic things is WAY too expensive & overrated. They don't play with them long enough to justify the investment. Good job!


That is so cool, what a great makeover, i have heard that Barbie and Ken are keen for you to pop around and redo their malibu mansion!


This is amazing! The thought to redecorate a toy castle had never occured to me. What a great idea!


What a great idea! I love thrift stores. :)

Paper Dolls for Boys

So I was thinking that this is AMAZING!!! I notice that I also start most of my posts with "so" - it just seems right, doesn't it?!

That's the coolest thing, the possibilities are endless. Cover up all the character crap on toys and they're still usable!


Very snazzy. Have you tried any of the new plastic paints?

Amy B. (Early Bird Special)

This is awesome!

I feel the same way about my blog entries. It's either "Well" or "So". I need to get some new material. ;)


so, well, I totally do the same thing on my blog. and, but, those also make a lot of appearances. anyways, I love it! I am always so jealous of the great thrifting finds of others, even though I have come across a few myself.

playmobil castle

Toy Castle were always on the list of kids. When they have this they can't resist to imagine themselves as a king and queen, prince and princess as well as knights. This movable castle will give more fun to them.

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