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August 14, 2008



Awesome giveaway!! My three favorite colors right now are orange, an icy blue, and white together. Love fabrics with those color combinations!! Thanks!


Awesome giveaway!! My three favorite colors right now are orange, an icy blue, and white together. Love fabrics with those color combinations!! Thanks!


My faves right now are a combination of chocolate brown, antique-y turquoise (not bright!!!), and dull red.


Hi- LOVE this giveaway! I found you through Sew Mama Sew. And I'm glad I did.
My three favorite colors of the moment are:
bright cherry red, deep kelly green & plain black (with your light greyish turquoish "mist" color is a close 4th). But I love all colors.
I hope I win!!! THANKS.


thats a great give away! favorite colors, so hard. i'm really into olive/drab green, deep purple (plum?), and royal blue atm.

Carol VR

Wowzers!!! I've so bookmarked your site. I love the scrappy belt tutorial and hope you keep them coming.

PLease count me in,


Count me in!
Pumpkin. Milk Chocolate. Ripe Plum.

Carol VR

Awww, I forgot my colours.

They would be turquoise, cyan, and peach


My favorite colors? I like most shades of blue an pink. But my really favorites are apple-green, candy-pink and chocolate brown.


Oooh fun!!! My current favorite colors to sew with are pear, plum, and chocolate brown, but I think I tend to surround myself and my home in more neutral colors like slate gray, linen, and bisque.

Carrie - washmycloth

Wow, everyone seems to love the belt, but I haven't worn a belt since middle school! I love the fabric, raw, colorful, soft fabric. My sister in law (lisa @ gwhiz) introduced me to your blog and I love it.
Since most people love brown (which I do, my bathroom is chocolate brown), I'll go with my latest color combo on a purse: Paprika, turqoise and a mustardy yellow. I know, sounds harsh, but they just seem to work well together.
Thanks for the fun!


Why wouldn't anyone want to enter. If they don't, they are just a bunch of crazy fools! :)


Hi Jess - great blog!!! and oh, the fabric. You have inspired me to spend some time with my sewing machine this weekend!

Favorite colors: 1. the green of the maple leaves when they first open in the spring - when they are so new they are still droopy. 2. the deep red, almost purple, of a nice glass of merlot. 3. the blue green of vineyard sound at the curve of surf drive in falmouth heading towards woods hole. it almost looks caribbean but it's right here at home.


Color obsessions of the moment......

Bright Chinese Red
Caribbean Turquoise
Chocolate Brown

Have fun blogging! Love your stuff!


My colors would be.... cranberry red, avocado green, and cadet-a cross between blue and turquoise!
Thanks for the giveaway! I am new to sewing and would love to start a fabric stash!

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